Noticias de Chihuahua, Chih., a Wednesday 25 November 2020


Calderon arrives to “Casa Amiga”

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President Calderon arrived to “Casa Amiga”; he meets with victim’s moms

President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa arrived around noon to “Casa Amiga” where he meets with some of the Villas de Salvarcar massacre victim’s moms.

Previously, the President held a meeting with Governor Jose Reyes Baeza and Mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz at an airport hangar.

It is important to mention that some of the victim’s relatives refused to meet with the President, amongst them Luz Maria Davila, mother of Marcos & Jose Luis Pina Davila, both killed at the massacre on January 31st.

Said woman, along with other family members, will gather to protest in front of the Convention Center where Calderon will attend a meeting with officials from the three levels of Government.