Noticias de Chihuahua, Chih., a Tuesday 26 January 2021


Crushed by a Pick Up

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Crushed by a Pick Up at Independencia and Ochoa

A man lost his life at Santa Rosa, located at Independencia and Ochoa, as he was dismounting a tire, the F150 Pick Up fell on top of him.

This Friday’s morning, a man lost his life when he was under a For F150 with plates DT 96366 as he pretended to dismount a unit’s tire.

The individual was crushed at Independencia and Ochoa streets when allegedly he asked somebody to move the tires on the unit and the unit fell on top of him resulting in the already described result.

Municipal Public Security and ambulance elements are at the scene of the accident awaiting for the States Attorney general’s Office to collect the corresponding evidence and mount responsibilities.