Noticias de Chihuahua, Chih., a Saturday 24 October 2020


Executed individual at Soriana identified

por Centro Profesional de Idiomas 304

The individual was gun downed outside the entrance to Soriana Fuentes Mares

The individual killed yesterday right outside the entrance to Soriana Commercial Center located at Independencia and Fuentes Mares, was identified as Martin Gonzalez Chavez of 31 years of age. He was gun downed after being followed by a lonely gunman whom shot him while he tried to find cover.

According to police reports, being 19:08 Martin Gonzalez Chavez, 31, is pronounced dead as a result of gun fire. He shows a shot to the right side jaw and another one to the chest.

The individual was gun downed right outside the entrance to Soriana Fuentes Mares, as reported by witnesses, he was onboard a red vehicle with his family and after arriving to the traffic light located at Independencia Avenue and Fuentes Mares, got out the vehicle and started running towards Soriana. After that he was reached before he could enter with the end results already described. 10 caliber 380 gun caps were found at the crime scene in addition to two projectiles. The body was taken to C-4 to perform the legal autopsy.