Noticias de Chihuahua, Chih., a Monday 21 September 2020


“Los Aztecas” would-be responsible for killings

por Centro Profesional de Idiomas 259

“You’re the one we are looking for”, cried out alleged killers to their victims before being attacked

According to reports provided by authorities assisting with the Chihuahua Coordinated Operative, a person has been detained for being potentially involved in last Saturday’s massacre in Juarez City.

In a press release informing that “up until this moment, the investigation headed by the Mexican Army, The State and Federal Attorney General’s Offices, members of the Chihuahua Coordinated Operative, allows for the interrogation of an individual, viewed as suspect”.

In addition, it has been informed that according to the first investigation, this case is related to the killing of four people at El Campanario neighborhood, back in November forth of last year in which two of said victims Gustavo Antonio Jácquez Devara AKA as “El Tavo” and Edgar René Ochoa, AKA “El Budy” from the area of Villas de Salvarcar, come to such place at El Campanario with two more people allegedly coming from El Paso, Texas.

It was also informed that a separate investigation hypothesis derived on Sunday as a result of the analysis of information attained from the evidence collected at the crime scene (address 3: marked with number 1310), specifically, photographs related to fire guns as shown on the attached photographs.

In following one of said investigation leads, Milenio points out that those responsible for the multi-homicides could be members of a known group Los Aztecas whom work for the Juarez Cartel. However, such information has not been confirmed by the authorities.

This confirms witnesses’ versions, testifying before the district attorney, that the attackers cried out “You’re the one we are looking for” as they enter the first premise (1308) and the second premise (1310) in which a celebration was taking place, crying out “You’re the one we are looking for”, as they also pointed their fire arms.

On another hand, according to the evidence collected at the crime scene, the forensic ballistic study reveled that there were at least seven shooters using:

One .40 caliber gun.
One .45 caliber gun.
Three .9mm caliber guns.
Two .223 caliber guns.

Up until this moment the victim toll increased to 15 with the passing of José Luis Piña Dávila 16 years old and Juan Carlos Medrano, 17 years old. Both studying High School.