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Massive detention of hitmen is expected

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Massive detention of hitmen involved in Salvacar is expected by Attorney General

Juarez City – The State’s Attorney General, Patricia Gonzalez, pointed out that they have important progress in the investigations related to the massacre of 16 teenagers at Villas de Salvacar, for which she stated to trust, that just shortly, a massive detention of all those involved in the killing.

The government official explained that they have a made important progress in the investigation and that all those involved in the killings as well as the criminal structure they belong to, have been identified.

She also pointed out that the three level of government are participating, in an important way, in this investigation.

She added that in the case of the two, already detained as a result of the killings, both have been properly processed and that an intelligence system, included the identity of those involved has been attained.