Noticias de Chihuahua, Chih., a Thursday 21 January 2021


More implicated in multi-execution detained

por Centro Profesional de Idiomas 142

They will be presented in public by members of the OCCH in the following hours.

They will be presented in public by members of the Chihuahua’s Coordinated Operative in the following hours.

Non-official sources belonging to the Chihuahua’s Coordinated Operative informed that a number of individuals involved in the killing of 15 students at Villas de Salvárcar in Juarez City were detained and will be presented to the media in the next hours.

Even though the number of individuals detained was not specified, it was mentioned that at least there are four of them, and according to sources, these alleged detainees participated, directly or indirectly, on the killing of 15 people last Sunday night.

It was also reported that in the case of the other individual detained, authorities will precede to charge him with other crimes, such as organized crime.