Noticias de Chihuahua, Chih., a Sunday 28 February 2021


Those executed in Juarez were innocent

por Centro Profesional de Idiomas 294

Patricia González informed that the group that shot the teenagers in Juarez City, did so without distinguishing people.

Chihuahua’s Attorney General, Patricia González, informed that the group that shot the teenagers in Juarez City did so without distinguishing people in three different premises while pretending to eliminate members of a rival gang, and confirmed that the one in charge of said command, “El Rama or El 12”, was killed after a confrontation with the military.

“These teens were at a small party in a premise they had borrowed, (and) these teens, according to all our investigation until now, clearly appeared to be innocent”, she stated.

“We believe that this criminal group did not distinguish that present at the premise were teens that had nothing to do with a gang group; and according to our investigation, there were some adults present that could be implicated with the gang”, indicated during a TV interview.

The state official clarified, however, that some adults were also killed as they were outside the first premise while the criminal group, made out of 16 or 16 individuals, sought to eliminate members of a rival gang known as AA.

She emphasized that other members of said criminal group have been identified and are currently being look for by the Army, Federel Police, and local police. She detailed that the final toll is of 15 dead, the majority teenagers, and 11 wounded.