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Army Soldiers and cartel hitmen Involved in Gunfight in Juarez City

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As a result of the bullet exchange, one of the hitmen was murdered, two more were detained

A gunfight between Mexican Army soldiers and a group of cartel hitmen took place this afternoon at the crossroad of Manuel J Clouthier and Popocatepetl leaving one death and on detained.

Allegedly, the bullet exchange ended leaving one of the hitmen dead and two more detained

A couple, allegedly the target of said hitmen, was saved by the members of the Mexican army.

According to the first reports, the army men heard gunshots and drove to the place of the attack as they happened to be only a block away.

The army men witnessed one of the hitmen onboard of a gray Grand Prix shooting a truck in which said couple was travelling resulting in response by the army men.

A communications radio as well as a new nine millimeters gun was found at the scene of the crime.

Up until now these all the details obtained; more information will be forthcoming.