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President Calderon meets with former leaders

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Mexican entrepreneur Carlos Slim Helú was also in the meeting

President Felipe Calderón met today with former Presidents of Spain, Felipe González Márquez; Chile, Ricardo Lagos Escobar; Uruguay, Julio María Sanguinetti Coirolo; Panama, Martín Torrijos Espino, and entrepreneur Carlos Slim Helú at the official Los Pinos residence

During the meeting, they discussed the economic, political and social Outlook for the Latin American region and the way countries there are overcoming the economic crisis.

The Mexican president analyzed the economic perspectives for Mexico with them, highlighting the fact that they are promising and positive and that government and Mexican society are continuing their efforts to progress,

They agreed that the economic outlook for Latin America, particularly Mexico, is generally positive.

They also exchanged views on the main issues of the regional agenda, such as the countries pending structural changes, including technological change and how to channel efforts into increasing the population’s per capita income.

President Calderón explained the enormous effort made by Mexico in 2009, as a result of which economic conditions for 2010 look better. In this respect, he told the former presidents that the economic perspectives for Mexico are positive. He also added that the experience of other countries shows that Mexico has done its homework.

During the meeting, President Calderón was accompanied by his Private Secretary Luis Felipe Bravo Mena.