Noticias de Chihuahua, Chih., a Sunday 28 February 2021


Three gun downed at Quintas Carolinas

por Centro Profesional de Idiomas 305

Two women and one man gun downed at Quintas Carolinas

Two women and one man were gun downed Sunday night at the crossroad of Monte Orizaba and Prolongacion Heroico Colegio Militar streets at Quintas Carolinas, which generated an impressive police mobilization, included different agencies.

The first information available indicates that a few armed individuals onboard a recent model vehicle intercepted two women and a man who walked in the vicinity of the already mentioned crossroad to shoot them a number of times, resulting in the death of the two women and the injury to the man.

Said event generated an impressive mobilization of the different police agencies whom secuered the crime scene once they arrived.

Two Red Cross ambulances and one from U.R.G.E. arrived to assist the injured. The paramedics confirmed the death of the two women.

Ministry Police Agents arrived too the crime scene to collect the evidence left behind while the SEMEFO transported the bodies to C4 to carry out the corresponding legal autopsies.