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Friday 5 February 2010

Executed woman identified

Idalina Rivera, 25 years of age was executed at Montes Apalaches

Idalina was shot dead while she drove her Nissan Frontier pick up truck at the crossroad of Washington and Montes Apalaches causing her vehicle to impact a wall in the area.

This incident occurred just a few minutes before 8:00am as it was reported that a pick up truck had crushed into a wall at the area.

The first to arrive were Traffic Police units, whom learned that the dead body was inside the pick up truck resulting in the corresponding authorities being notified of such event.

As the authorities arrived, they learned that the woman’s body showed gun shots forcing them to notify the attorney general’s forensic personnel to collect the evidence left at the scene of the crime.

The dead body was taken to C-4 to be processed for the corresponding autopsy as well as to collect any physic or biologic evidence that might assist in the finding of those responsible.