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Tuesday 2 February 2010

Pick up Truck found with a dead body

Pick up truck found with a dead body inside at El Tintero Dam in Namiquipa

While the level of executions in the State’s capital has decreased the mountain area has witnessed an increment. QA pick up truck was found at the El Tintero Dam, near Namiquipa; inside the truck, a tied-male dead body.

According to the police report, the executed person was known in life as Javier Hernandez Rascón, 34 years of age, presenting gun fire injuries in the left hemopneumothorax, resulting in a hipovolemic shock causing death. The dead body was found inside bed of a blue- GMC-pick up truck tied with a yellow and green nylon rope; the pick up truck was found inside the El Tintero Dam, in the municipality of Namiquipa. It is important to mention that a missing report was filed since the 23rd of January, 2010, according to file 01/2010, case number 021/2010. This finding occurred on the 1st of February, 2010 at around 10:30am. The investigation continues.