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Monday 8 February 2010

The Halcon I does not fly, accused

Halcon I flights budgeted, but it does not fly, accused

For FY 2010, flights for Halcon I were budgeted, however, no flights by the Halcon I, the Municipal Police Helicopter, have been observed.

The City Council’s member, president of the Commission on Public Safety accused that at the time of drafting the budget, they took under account the flights that the Halcon I would carry out, however, no flights have been noticed.

“I believe the flight records remain empty”, accused the councilor after last year flights were minimized even though there was plenty of budget for flying. Furthermore, last year an under-spending of said budgeted line item was criticized.

Martinez Sosa stated to not knowing the reason and if any budget reassignment for such flights was applied in days past.