Cielo Claro

Chihuahua, Chihuahua

Tuesday 2 February 2010

Paramilitary accused of cleaning up Juarez

Disputes amongst drug traffickers dismissed and “death squadrons” are accused

The National Front against Repression in Juarez, a pro human rights non-government organization (NGO), asserted that a “paramilitary commando” made up of 18 gunmen arrived onboard seven vehicles is responsible for the killing of 16 people, mainly teenagers, in that border town.

In a communiqué, the organization detailed that “a paramilitary commando irrupted in three contiguous premises to carry out a massacre where a youth gathering attended by high schoolers was taking place”.

The document points out that in Juarez City, massacres are actions carried out by “death Squadrons that operate in the city”.

“This massacre is just one more taking place in the world’s most violent city, since the start of the Chihuahua’s United Operative (now renamed Chihuahua’s Coordinated Operative) back in March of 2008”.

Cipriana Jurado, Center for the Investigation and labor Solidarity (CISO) director and also a The National Front member, stated that violence at this border town is not initiated by the confrontations amongst groups of organized crime nor between federal forces and groups of organized crime.

“Almost all of the two thousand, six hundred and thirty-five killing during 2009, and the 20101 toll have been executions of disarmed individuals, with out apparent confrontation, in which appears to be a cleansing strategy programmed by the superior military force, as part of a terror campaign”, she emphasized.

According to Jurado, it is proven that in Juarez City a general tendency known during the illegal wars against contra insurgencies in Central America.

“The is a close relation between militarization in cities and small towns and the operation of death squadrons whose objective is to intimidate the population. Just as it occurred in El Salvador with the death squadrons; in Nicaragua with the Contras; in Guatemala with the Kaibiles, and in Mexico with a group inside the Army, resulting in a group called Los Zetas.

“The Juarez Citizens Assembly and The National Front against Repression in Juarez held the three levels of government – federal, state, and municipal – responsible for the massacres in our city, for denying to provide the needed security and openly protecting all activities of such death squadrons that operate with total impunity”, stated the activist.